Andrei Zmievski

Andrei has a long history in the PHP community, where, as a core developer and a member of the PHP Group, he helped curate development of the world’s most popular web development language. Along the way, he started PHP-GTK, helped create Smarty, co-wrote PHP Developer’s Cookbook, and architected Unicode support that would have been in PHP 6. Having worked as a platform engineer at Yahoo and the Open Source Fellow at Digg, he is presently a software architect at AppDynamics, where he is working on the next generation of application monitoring and troubleshooting tools.

Bastian Hofmann

Bastian works works as a Software Engineer at ResearchGate, the social network for researchers and scientists. There he is mainly responsible for designing the web frontend's software architecture and developing APIs. Before that he created the games and application platform and the APIs of the VZ-networks. When he is not developing stuff, he frequently speaks at international conferences on software architecture, scaling web applications and open standards and protocols.

Ben Mathews

Ben Mathews is an engineer in Facebook's London office. His main focus at Facebook is security in the PHP codebase — he builds tools to detect security problems, and tries to make Facebook's codebase safe by default. He also developed the framework that Facebook uses to reliably delete user accounts and all of their data.

Beth Tucker Long

Beth Tucker Long is the Editor-In-Chief of php[architect] magazine, co-organizer of Madison PHP, and she also teaches PHP courses and freelances. You can find her on Twitter (@e3betht) or on her blog. She runs Treeline Design, a web development company, and Playlist Event Music, a DJ company, along with her husband, Chris.

Davey Shafik

Davey Shafik is a full time PHP Developer with 12 years experience in PHP and related technologies. A Community Engineer for Engine Yard, he has written three books (so far!), numerous articles and spoken at conferences the globe over. He lives in Central Florida with his wife, son and two cats. Davey is best known for his books, the Zend PHP 5 Certification Study Guide and PHP Master: Write Cutting Edge Code, and as the originator of PHP Archive (PHAR) for PHP 5.3.

Derick Rethans

Derick Rethans is a PHP internals expert, author of Xdebug and an OpenStreetMap and mapping enthusiast.

He has contributed in a number of ways to the PHP project, including the Xdebug debugging tool, and various extensions and additions. He's a frequent lecturer at conferences, the author of php|architect's Guide to Date and Time Programming, and the co-author of PHP 5 Power Programming. He is now working at MongoDB to work on the PHP driver for MongoDB.

Eli White

Eli has been building Web Applications for over 19 years and fell in love with PHP the day that PHP 4 was released. Since then he's been a strong advocate for PHP and used it in every project he's work on. He is currently the Managing Editor and Conference Chair for php[architect] and Founding Partner & CTO of musketeers.me. He is also an avid writer (blogs, articles and books), and has spoken at numerous conferences.

Erika Heidi

Erika Heidi is a web developer (and eventually a devop) working with php since 2003. She works independently with projects monetized by ads, which gives her the opportunity to create funny and also useful experimental projects, using different tools and frameworks.

Gary Hockin

Gary has been a web developer for over 15 years, and is currently working as CTO for Yamgo and Adverts On The Go, along with consulting regularly for the amazing Roave team. He is also a contributor and documentation maintainer for Zend Framework 2. When not working or spending time with his wife and two daughters, Gary can sometimes be found at the pub playing competitive pool.

Glen Campbell

Glen Campbell is the manager of the Rackspace Developer Relations Group and the lead developer for the php-opencloud library and the little-known Siteframe website framework, an early "web 2.0" PHP application that supported user-generated content and primitive social media features. His computing experience started in the 1970's programming the COSMAC ELF and changing tubes in an IBM magnetic ledger card reader. He worked on the OpenStack Compute project, including the integration of Rackspace's Next Generation Cloud Servers product, and has presented at various conferences since the early 1990's. Formerly a manager and senior architect at Yahoo!, he has experience in building and deploying extremely large PHP-based websites that sustain massive traffic loads. Prior to his involvement with the Internet, he was an IT architect and consultant for numerous data management projects. He lives in San Antonio, Texas, and is sometimes mistaken for a country and western singer.

Jeremy Quinton

Jeremy Quinton is a freelance PHP Developer as well as an Open Source Enthusiast and Devops Evangelist. He has over 10 years experience building, deploying and maintaining small websites to enterprise level web applications on the Lamp stack using a varied collection of Open Source technologies and Frameworks. When he is not coding and hunting down obscure bugs he enjoys tinkering with new Open Source technologies, travelling and running. His website and blog can be found at http://www.jeremyquinton.com and you can follow him on Twitter at @jeremyquinton.

Joshua Thijssen

Joshua Thijssen is a freelance consultant, developer and trainer. His daily work consists of maintaining code bases, working on different projects and helping others to achieve higher standards in both coding and thinking. He is the lead developer of Saffire – a new web/system language, author of the book PHP|Architects "Mastering the SPL" and regular speaker at national and international conferences.

Julien Pauli

Julien Pauli is an architect working in Paris for SensioLabs. He's been working with PHP for 10 years and now writes/reviews the engine code, analyzing it and writing extensions or publishing articles about different technical subjects. Julien is one of the PHP5.5 release managers.

Juozas 'Joe' Kaziukenas

Juozas, or Joe, as everyone calls him, is an experienced and talented (some say) young professional who has worked on many different software projects and has built a few successful startups before. He has dreams to eventually go to space. In a rocket.

As an entrepreneur at E Revolution Ventures, one of the fastest growing e-commerce businesses in the US, Juozas is leading the technology side of the company. Application of data science and competitive intelligence has contributed greatly to the company’s hyper-growth.

Juozas has travelled the world talking to audiences of different sizes about various technical and business topics. He is passionate about using technology to provide simple answers to complex problems. Juozas believes in challenging people to go beyond what they already know as this often results in exciting and unexpected outcomes.

Lorna Mitchell

Lorna is a PHP consultant and author based "up north" in Leeds. Her books include "PHP Master" and "PHP Web APIs", and she loves to write for other outlets such as netmagazine and her own blog http://www.lornajane.net. Lorna has spoken at events around the world on technical topics around PHP and APIs, regularly delivers technical training sessions and is also active as a mentor with PHPWomen.org. In her spare time, she leads the joind.in open source project, which provides a platform for real-time, public feedback at community events.

Mandy Waite

Mandy works at Google where she's trying to make the world a better place for developers building applications for the Cloud. As a Cloud Platform Developer Advocate, she's working to help developers to get the most out of running their apps on Google Infrastructure through services such as Google App Engine, Google Compute Engine and Google Big Query. In her spare time she is learning to speak Japanese and is studying Physics.

Ian Barber

Ian Barber works as a Developer Advocate for Google+, where he helps developers make best use of the Google+ platform. Ian is a regular conference speaker, and occasional blogger at riskcompletefailure.com and phpir.com, and wrote a short ebook on messaging. Among various open source interests, Ian is the author of the PHP Support Vector Machine extension and a contributor to the brokerless messaging library ZeroMQ.

Marcello Duarte

Marcello Duarte is the lead developer of PhpSpec and heads the Training at Inviqa, a leading PHP consultancy business in Europe. As an agile coach, he's coached many teams in many organisations into Agile processes and development practices like Scrum, TDD, Refactoring, Collaborative Product Ownership and Software Quality.

Mathias Verraes

Mathias Verraes is an independent consultant. He advises companies on how to build enterprise applications for complex business domains. He specializes in curing large legacy projects: the kind where there’s half a million lines of spaghetti code, and nobody knows how to get the project under control. As a blogger and and a speaker, Mathias is on a mission to spread the ideas of Domain Driven Design in the web development world. He’s the founder of the Belgian DDD community. When he’s not working, he’s at home in Kortrijk, Belgium, helping his two sons build Lego train tracks.

Michelle Sanver

Michelle Sanver, co-president of PHPWomen and organiser of GroningenPHP is a code-passionate colourful geek, so much so that she actually calls herself ‘geekie’. Michelle works as a self-employed iOS and PHP developer and she is eager to share her knowledge with you.

Morgan Tocker

Morgan rejoined the MySQL team at Oracle in 2013 as MySQL Community Manager, having previously worked for MySQL and Sun Microsystems. He blogs from tocker.ca, and especially likes the new features in MySQL 5.6 that make operations life easier.

Nate Abele

Nate Abele first took an interest in programming at age 11, so you can obviously tell how cool he is. In the course of his career, he has mostly eschewed working for large companies, in favor of the culture found in small, independent businesses & startups. Nate has been employed by one of the most well-known and well-respected PHP consultancies in the world, and has worked on projects of all shapes and sizes. In other, more esoteric periods of work history, Nate has also worked with a humble 'productivity' software vendor in the greater Seattle area, and a small fruit vendor outside San José. However, Nate is probably best known for his contributions to Open Source, including helping to create one of the most well-known and widely-used web frameworks for PHP. The 5 years' experience working on a large, high-adoption project has helped to inform and guide his current crop of Open Source projects (he accidentally co-founded the Lithium PHP framework, and is a member of the AngularUI team), writing, teaching, and consulting. When not staring at glowing rectangles of various sizes, Nate enjoys eating delicious food, playing guitar, snowboarding, and writing about himself in the third person.

Ole Michaelis

Hired as a Open Source Rockstar at Jimdo its my job to make the product even more awesome with all the love and power of open source software. Before that, I worked at Digital Pioneers N.V. doing high-tech prototyping and InnoGames where I was a lead developer of a big social game named WestWars.

Ricard Clau

Ricard works at Hailo as a Software Engineer. Before coming to London, he was the Backend Technical Lead at SocialPoint, a Symfony2 powered social gaming company based in Barcelona with more than 8 million daily users in some of their games like DragonCity. He is a Symfony2 lover and a strong PHP believer, with wide experience in big e-commerce websites and video gaming applications. He tries to contribute to Open Source projects, specially in the Symfony2 ecosystem. He is also curious about technologies like Erlang, Go and NoSQL databases.

Rowan Merewood

In the past decade of working with the web, Rowan's touched on everything through from little forum sites to multi-million pound billing engines with a variety of languages like PHP, Python, Perl and a few beginning with other letters. He works for Google as a Developer Advocate on the Google+ platform. Outside of technology, feel free to talk to him about trashy horror films and introductions to exciting cocktails.

Stephan Hochdörfer

Stephan Hochdörfer currently holds the position of Head of IT at bitExpert AG, a company specializing in software and mobile development. His primary focus is everything related to web development as well as automation techniques ranging from code generation to deployment automation.

Stuart Herbert

Stuart Herbert is a software engineer and operational manager, with nearly 20 years of experience in software design, implementation, support, and in technical leadership, operational and senior management. His career to date includes projects and/or roles with household names including Eurostar, Hewlett-Packard, Orange, Vodafone, and the Ordnance Survey. He has written for php|architect magazine, and has spoken at PHP conferences on both sides of the Atlantic. He is a co-author of the official Study Guide for the Zend PHP Certification Exam. He is also a qualified and practicing teacher of adults for lifelong learning.