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Report for the PHP UK Conference 2016

PHP UK's scholarship program was a success! Please see below for stats on the 2016 Opportunity Program.

Funds Raised


Number of applicants


Number of awardees and mentors

9 awardees and 3 mentors

What awardees said about the experience

“The networking and learning opportunities from the conference will be invaluable to my future career.”

“PHP UK opened a whole lot of opportunities. It motivated me to contribute more to the community. It also renewed my knowledge and taught new things which I can use in my line of work.”

Plans for next year's Scholarship Programme

We ran into some hurdles with raising funds early on in the process. Our goal for next year is to raise funding sooner so we can award scholarships to applicants that need visas, which take some time to be approved. Community and corporate sponsors, we need your help to get visa applicants approved and to our conference!

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Donate to the scholarship programme

You can support our programme and make an individual donation on our tickets page.