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< Tess Barnes />

Version Control - tips, tricks and good citizenship


Are you nervous of version control even if you don't admit it? Have things got harder since your team expanded? Don’t panic! you’re not on your own.

I've put together a run down of some of my tricks, tips and ‘good citizen’ techniques to avoid the worst kinds of conflicts and deal with the remaining ones as efficiently as possible.

Join me on a journey through some of the causes of version control pain after which we will visit some social and technical solutions. I'll lead you via branching policies, basic conflict resolution, to more tricky conflict management. We will spend time with some of the lesser known features of version control and command line hacks to stay in charge of multiple branches.

As a bonus we will discover how version control can be integrated with other tools having many positive knock on effects for your team and wider business: How forcing commit message formats and automating your change log can help your release process or apps to streamline code reviews can avoid some unnecessary context switching. Triggered notification of interested parties helps keep everyone in the loop especially for breaking changes.