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Our talks and speakers

    Keynote Speakers

  • Thijs Feryn

    Thijs Feryn is a "technical evangelist" at a Belgian webhosting company called Combell. His goal is to bring technology to the people and people to technology. He focuses on bridging the gap between code and infrastructure. Thijs is a published author at O'Reilly, he is also involved in many open source communities and leads the PHPBenelux community. He speaks, listens, writes, codes, teaches, blogs, vlogs, organizes and is above all very excited to speak at PHPUK 2019.
  • Katerina Trajchevska

    Software engineer and tech enthusiast. Co-founder of Adeva, a startup that helps global tech companies get easier access to world-class talent.
  • Breakout Session Speakers

  • David McKay

    David McKay is a software and technology professional, born & bred in Glasgow, Scotland. As a serial user group organiser, organising Docker Glasgow, DevOps Glasgow and Pair Programming Glasgow, David is always searching for new and creative ways to share knowledge with others. Oh, and he quite likes domain-driven design, micro-services and clean code. Additional info- Organiser of Scotland PHP, Docker Glasgow, CloudNative Glasgow, DevOps Glasgow, Pair Programming Glasgow, and MongoDB Glasgow. 22 talks delivered to the PHP and Docker communities in 2016.
  • Ciaran McNulty

    Ciaran McNulty helps teams at all levels of ability improve via training and coaching. He has been a PHP professional since the late 90s and is passionate about TDD, BDD and Agile methodologies. He is lead maintainer of PhpSpec.

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